Welcome to AxelarSea!

Overview: AxelarSea is a one-stop interoperable NFT marketplace across chains where buyers can pay for an NFT on any supported chain using a token from a completely different chain, and sellers can list an NFT for sale on any supported chain while receiving payments on another chain.
Interoperability has been a fundamental issue in the blockchain ecosystem since its inception. This includes the NFT market, where buyers and sellers are limited by the difficulty of moving assets across chains. AxelarSea's goal is to provide solutions that
  • For sellers: A seller can sell an NFT on one chain (chain A) while putting up an asking price and receiving payment on another chain (chain B).
  • For buyers: A buyer can place an order for an NFT hosted on one chain (chain A) and pay with tokens from another chain (chain C).
    Even though the buyer's payment is made on chain C, it will be automatically transferred to chain B via the Axelar Network, as requested by the seller. The buyer is not required to own any assets on chain B.
Diagram of the flow of NFT and assets between a seller and a buyer through AxelarSea without any constraint of the different chains, via Axelar Network.

Getting Started

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of AxelarSea to get a deeper understanding of our main features:

Guides: Jump right in

To get the feel of an interoperable NFT marketplace, you can play around with our current prototype, deployed at https://axelarsea.com/. Mint an NFT. Place it on sale. Buy some other NFTs. Follow the instructions below to fully explore the current features supported by the prototype.
Note: AxelarSea is currently operating via a Testnet version which has certain limitations.

Tutorial: Place a sale

Tutorial: Make a purchase